Camping Areas for Tents in Hostel & Cabañas Ida y Vuelta Camping in Isla Holbox


Tent in Camping Area

Holbox Hostel & Cabañas Ida y Vuelta Camping offers more than 10 shaded Camping Areas where to place your own tent. Some of them have also a roof. In our Camping Areas for Tents budget travelers can sleep under the starry sky and finally enjoy a well deserved rest at few steps from the sea. Hostel & Cabanas Ida y Vuelta Camping highly recommends to all those travellers who opt for this option, to live the experience with a common sense of adventure and adaptation. In fact camping on Holbox island, in close contact with nature, surrounded by canals, lagoons and mangroves, is not for everybody. There exists the possibility that hostile climatic conditions occur while Camping. Not always the climate events are favorable to guests. Wrong climate forecasts are common. Be aware!

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